Model No. M4-COW-0
Head: Body Blow
Right Arm: Sabre
Left Arm: Cape Shield
Legs: Dash Attack
Medarot 1, Medarot 2, Medarot 4, Medarot 2 Core, Medabots (anime)

Red Matador (レッドマタドール), known in English as Redmatador, is a COW-type Medabot that first appeared in the original Medarot game.


Redmatador is based on a Spanish torero. He has horns like a bull, and four legs, causing him to also resemble a centaur in appearance. Regarding his robattling capabilities, Redmatador is mainly a defensive Medabot, being able to render attacks useless with his Cape Shield, but he can also attack with his right arm, Sabre.

In the games

Redmatador is a multi-legged Medabot with "Perfect Defense" on his Head Part, a "Defend" action on his left arm, and a "Sword" attack on his right arm.

In Medarot 1

Redmatador can be purchased at the import store in the Venue area. He serves as the primary Medabot of Shamojiel and some of his parts are seen in the battle against Typhoon's true identity.

In Medarot 2

Normal gameplay in Medarot 2 won't allow the player to obtain Redmatador. Instead, he has to be transferred over from Medarot 1. It is implied that Pretty Prime took Redmatador's role, as they both share similar functions.

In Medarot 4

Redmatador is used by the Phantom Renegade alongside either Arcbeetle-Dash or Tyrelbeetle in the Ryuutou battle simulator the player can enter in the postgame.

In Medarot 2 Core

Prince Kir only uses Redmatador twice: in the Medabot Island Robattle Tournament (Block B) and in the Meda-Link.

In the anime

Under the command of Rolando, Redmatador appears as part of Team Spain, fighting against Victor's Warbandit.

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