Model No. M4-KBT-4
Head: Prominence
Right Arm: Ignition
Left Arm: Explode
Legs: Fireworks
Medarot R, Medarot 3, Medarot 4, Medarot Navi, Medarot G, Medabots AX, Medarot Brave, Medarot DS, Medarot 7, Medarot Dual, Medarot 8, Medarot 9

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Arcbeetle (アークビートル) is a KBT-type Medabot that first appeared in Medarot R.


As a KBT-type Medabot, Arcbeetle specializes in shooting skills. His Head Part, however, is not compatible with the same medal his other parts are. Nonetheless, Prominence is still powerful enough to deal an impressive ammount of damage. Prominence has one use in Medarot R, Medarot 4, Medarot Navi and Medarot DS, two in Medabots AX and Medarot G and four in Medarot Brave.

Arcbeetle's "Beam" type is a "Penetration High Power Beam".

In the manga

Arcbeetle briefly appears alongside Rintaro in the Medabots manga series released by Viz Media, where he's referred to as Kantaroth. This is a reference to the Japan-only manga Medarot R, where Rintaro obtains Arcbeetle parts as an upgrade for Kantaroth after losing Kantaroth's original parts in a Robattle against Ikki.

In the games

In Medarot R

Arcbeetle is obtainable from the Part Collection by fighting Henry, who is ranked opponent number 1.

In Medarot 3

A trio of Arcbeetles appear as the Phantom Renegade's Medabots after the player defeats Black Devil.

In Medarot 4

Along with Kantaroth and Gorem-2, Arcbeetle appears as one of the Medabots controlled by Rintaro.

In Medarot Navi

Arcbeetle is used by Henry when under his Phantom Renegade guise, which is only fought once, during the Postgame. Thus, the player is only given the one chance to obtain one of his parts.

In Medarot Brave

Arcbeetle is unlocked by inserting Medarot 2 Core Kabuto Version on the Game Boy Advance connected through Game Cube Link Cable.

In the anime

Arcbettle medafuerza

Arcbeetle activates the Medaforce.

Arcbeetle is the Medabot commanded by Space Medarotter X. Arcbeetle is proficient in both long and short range attacks which are further augmented by his strong spirit and bond with his Medafighter. Arcbeetle is seen to possess a Kabuto Medal that is also rare, enabling him to use the Medaforce. Although he says little during his appearances, he is strong and heroic, loyal to his Medafighter and fiercely resists criminals such as the Rubberobo Gang.

Arcbeetle possesses two different special moves. The first, his "Tri-Cannon" attack, allows him to blast fireballs at his opponents in three different directions via his Right and Left Arm parts, Ignition and Explode respectively. Arcbeetle's preferred finishing attack, however, utilizes his Head Part, Prominence. Using Prominence requires Arcbeetle to charge up for the subsequent blast by unlocking what is presumed to be an array of solar energy. While he's charging, he cannot move and is therefore vulnerable to any strikes made by an enemy. Once the power-up is complete, Arcbeetle can then utilize his Head part to deliver his enemies one devasting, concentrated blast of energy.


Arcbeetle has a rare card in the Medabots Trading Card Game booster set. Like Metabee and Kantaroth, Arcbeetle attacks with a "Piercing Shooting Attack", which allows him to damage Medabots to the side of the target if the target is destroyed.

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