Model No. M2-KNG-0
Giant Squid
Head: Extise
Right Arm: Explose
Left Arm: Profendi
Legs: Depthsole
Medarot 2, Medarot 2 Core, Medarot R, Medarot Brave

Medabots (anime)

Abyss Greater (アビスグレーター), known in English as Aviking, is a KNG-type Medabot that first appeared in Medarot 2.


The KNG in Aviking's model number comes from the fact that giant squids are called "King Squids" (大王イカ) in Japanese.

In the games

Aviking is a aquatic-type Medabot capable of firing "Missiles" from his chest and can sacrifice his arms for massive damage. As all Aviking's parts have "Destroy" attribute, he's most compatible with the Devil Medal.

In Medarot 2

Aviking's parts are obtainable as a reward after robottling Squidguts during the story in Kuwagata version. The player will obtain his head and legs in Mount Odoro Cave, and receive both his arms in your next encounter with Squidguts. This is also the case in Medarot 2 Core.

In Medarot Brave

Aviking is used by Squidguts in Medarot Brave.

Quote: Don't come near me without thinking! Both of my arms won't make allowances for you!

In Medarot DS

Aviking's model number is now KNG00-M.


In the anime

Both Heckla and Batona of Team Iceland use an Aviking. Due to the Rubberobo Gang's rules, they had their medals taken away after being defeated by Team Kenya.

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