Erika Amazake
Erika Amazake
English Voice Actor(s):

Lisa Yamanaka (Original)
Bryn McAuley (Spirits)

Japanese Voice Actor(s):

Eri Sendai











First Appearance

Stung by a Metabee
Kilobot Rising

Last Appearance

Metabee's Last Stand
Into the Fire (aka- Shine! Spirit of Hope) (3)

Erika Amazake, named Arika in Japan, is a prominent character in Medabots.


Erika is a reporter for the Riverview School. Her best friend is Ikki. She owns a Sailor-Multi, a sailor type Medabot, that she calls Brass.

She wears a light blue shirt, pink overalls, and dark blue Converse sneakers.

In the anime

WoahWoahooo!!!!! FTW


Erika is a friend of Ikki who also attends the same Junior High School. She is a strong-minded girl who is always bossing Ikki around. However, she also has a sweet feminine side and a soft spot for Ikki. Erika is the reporter for the school's newspaper and will do anything for a scoop and is always looking for a story. Because of this, she tends to follow Ikki and Metabee around time to time because of their ability to find trouble. It is speculated that she has a crush on Ikki due to her jealousy when Ikki flirts with Karin and Nae. Her Medabot, Brass, is her camera girl.

In Medabots (GBA)

Erika owns Sailor-Multi, and later gains Pretty Prime. Sailor-Multi's level is low, though.

In this game, Ikki must trigger certain events in order to build relationship with Erika. If succeeded, Erika will give him Cat Medal at the final event.

In Medabots AX

Erika has Sailor-Multi as her leader while her partner has Cure Hand, Sala-Arm and Quick Alert. She is very hard to beat.