Henry Penfry
English Voice Actor(s):

Jaime Watson

Japanese Voice Actor(s):

Ryo Naito





Date of birth

March, 2101










Hikaru Agata
Phantom Renegade
Space Medafighter X

First Appearance

Stung by a Metabee

Last Appearance

Metabee's Last Stand

Henry, otherwise known as Hikaru Agata, is a prominent character from the Medabots franchise. He was the main character of the original Medarot video game and has had roles in most Medabots media.


When he was 8 years old, Henry's father gave him a KBT-type Medabot, who he named Metabee, as his first Medabot, after his dog Bonaparte found a Kabuto Medal in the local park. After that, he was introduced to Robattling by his childhood friend Kirara, and quickly became a skilled Medafighter. He defeated several enemies, including the Rubberobo Gang, and quickly became the highest-ranked Medafighter in Japan.

12 years later, Henry began working as a store clerk at a store frequented by Ikki Tenryou. He sells Ikki the parts for a Metabee model similar to the one he once owned.

Henry moonlights as the Phantom Renegade in several video games, a mysterious masked thief who steals Rare Medals, and keeps an eye on the Rubberobo Gang under the command of Dr. Aki. Later, it is implies that he takes on the identify of Space Medafighter X to fight in the World Robattle Championship for team Japan, using his current Medabot Arcbeetle. This is all speculation, however, as Henry and the Phantom Renegade have been seen at the same time.

In the anime

Henry appears as a store clerk. Despite being known to the characters in the dub as "Henry", his name tag clearly reads "Hikaru" in Japanese. He isn't seen with a Medabot for most of the series, and he is the one who sells Metabee to Ikki.

Henry once owned a KBT-type Medabot named Metabee that was his best friend, until they made it to the World Robattle Championship (WRC) fighting for Team Japan. An event occurred there that caused every Medabot in the world lose control, forcing Henry to destroy Metabee's Kabuto Medal. The Medal was later repaired and reused for Arcbeetle, the Medabot he would use to fight in the WRC a second time.


  • Only the video games have officially confirmed Henry as the Phantom Renegade; in the anime, it is never shown to be hard fact. During the episode The French Deception, Henry can be seen standing with others near the end of the episode (19:50) yet at the same time, Phantom Renegade is shown to be near the dome ceiling, making a getaway (20:15). It is unknown if this is an error, or if it suggests that in the anime, Henry is not actually the Phantom.