Letter Kabuto Medal
Attribute Shoot
Aim Strike
Medaforce 1 Ultra Shot
Medaforce 2 Damage Ball
Medaforce 3 Cancel Formation

The Kabuto Medal is one of the best known medals when it comes to Medabots. Its speciality is Shooting-type Medaparts.


Obviously a six-sided coin, it is almost always represented with a bold letter "B" in the top segment. This medal generally has four stages, based around the stages of a beetle. The first stage is the larvae, then the pupa, then a juvenile adult, usually focusing on the horn, and finally a fully grown beetle.

In The Games

In the RPG Medabots game, Ikki Tenryou begins with this Medal at stage 1 in the Metabee version. It cannot be obtained otherwise. It learns these Medaforce attacks:

Ultra Shot: A full power blast using all gun Medaparts.

Damage Ball: Deals more damage according to how damaged you are.

Formation Cancel: Cancels all formation attacks. Including traps.

In The Anime

In the anime, a Kabuto Medal was stolen by the Phantom Renegade and accidently dropped into a river, eventually being found by Ikki. He then used it for his Metabee. This particular Medal was revealed later to be a Rare Medal.

Other Medabots known to posess the Kabuto Medal include Warbandit, who also happens to be a Rare Medal, and Arcbeetle, a Medabot owned by Space Medafighter X, among others.


This Medal is often a rival to the Kuwagata Medal, as seen in many games, which have two versions: Kabuto and Kuwagata.