Kam Kamazaki
Kam Kamazaki
English Voice Actor(s):

Caroline Lesley

Japanese Voice Actor(s):

Naomi Wakabayashi











First Appearance

Kilobot Rising

Last Appearance

Into the Fire

Kam Kamazaki, named Kokuryuu Kamizake in the Japanese version, is a character from Medabots Spirits and the main villain of the series.


Kam is very cruel, serious, sometimes sarcastic, and a cheater. He doesn’t have any friends, only followers. He paid the Rogue Medafighters to become his "friends" by offering them free Kilobots. Kam is extremely cruel with his Kilobots, not showing pity, and is known to "trash them" when a new and more powerful Kilobot is created.

Kam designed almost all of the Kilobots as well as the Ex Medals, with his main Kilobot, Blakbeetle being an exception.


Young Kam

Young Kam

Kam is the son of the man behind the company that created Kilobots, Shim Kamazaki, and his late mother Porta Kamazaki. His father was so busy in the US that Kam had not seen him since he was very young, so Kam and his mother were close. However, she wasn’t very well and passed away when Kam was 4 years old, changing him into a cold-hearted fighter.

Kam was saved

Kam was saved by the Medabots

In episode 67, Ginkai realized that Kam was using him. Kam said something like: "If you want us to remain friends, you must obey my orders." Ginkai refused and rebelled, and Kam then tried to destroy Metabee's Medal by commanding his Kilobot, Redrun. Ginkai intervened only to have his Unitrix crushed by Redrun, but then the Mystery Medafighter appeared and used Roks, causing Redrun to cease function. Kam was forced to withdraw, but not without telling Ginkai that he would regret betraying him.

An incident that happens in episode 91 completely changes him. He reunites with his father he had not seen for years and befriends Ikki, Ginkai and Erika.


His japanese surname is possibly a pun on the word "Kamikaze".