Letter Kuwagata Medal
Attribute Grapple
Aim Shoot
Medaforce 1 Spiral Bolt
Medaforce 2 Side Bolt
Medaforce 3 PROX Up

The Kuwagata Medal is a Medal found everywhere in the Medabots franchise. Its letter is A and it has a Stag Beetle as a figure. This Medal specialises in melee combat.

In the anime

It is first seen as a Rare Medal used by Rokusho and as a Clone Medal used by Sumilidon. Some Medabots are seen using this Medal, but only the aforementioned ones and Roks can use the Medaforce.

In Medabots (GBA)

It can be acquired as the first Medal in the Rokusho Version, and it is initially worn by Rokusho and various other Medabots found through the game.


  • Attribute: Grapple
  • Target: Shoot
  • Compatibility: 4
  • Change pattern: 5 stages


  • Level 10: Spiral Bolt. Action: Berserk. Uses 80 MF. The Medabot will damage all of the closest target's Medaparts.
  • Level 30: Side Bolt. Action: Strike. Uses 60 MF. The Medabot will damage one Medapart on all of the opponent's Medabots.
  • Level 60: PROX Up. Action: Support. Uses 40 MF. Raises Legs' parts Fighting stat, and will raise every time you use this Medaforce.
Starting Stat Points
  • Striking: 10
  • Berserking: 10
  • Defending: 6
  • Healing: 0
  • Shooting: 0
  • Sniping: 0
  • Support: 6
  • Interrupt: 0

In Medabots Infinity


Medaforce: Spiral Bolt
Cuts through the space, damaging all of the opponent's parts. Can break some obstacles.

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