Model No. M4-SNA-0
Head: Hacker
Right Arm: Virus
Left Arm: Jack
Legs: Mask
Medarot 1, Medarot 2, Medarot R, Medarot 4, Medarot Brave, Medarot DS, Medarot 7, Medarot 8, Medarot 9

Medabots (anime), Medarot DS (manga), Medarot Card Game, Medarot OCG, Medarot DS promo cards

Maxsnake (マックスネイク) is an SNA-type Medabot that first appeared in the original Medarot game.


Maxsnake resembles a green snake with a white underbelly and two syringe-like devices for arms. He has a snake-like tail instead of legs, and attacks with a variety of virus-inducing parts that can impair the enemy, reducing their ability to aim.

In the games

Maxsnake attacks with "Virus" attacks, which inflict the "Flux" status effect to lower the opponent's success rate. Despite technically not having any legs, he is categorized as a multi-leg-type Medabot.

In Medarot 1, 2, and R, Maxsnake's parts have the "Flux" attribute, making him the obvious choice for the Snake Medal.

In Medarot 1

Maxsnake is the sole user of "Virus" attacks in Medarot 1 and one of the two Medabots in the game capable of causing the "Flux" status (the other being Propolis). His armor is quite low (except on his head), and his attacks are fairly innacurate. Maxsnake's legs however make him reasonably fast-moving and suited towards physical attack skills.

His parts can be obtained in random battles, or bought from a convenience store in the Insect Insurance Research Institute.

In Medarot 2

Maxsnake's parts are not obtainable in Medarot 2, and must be transferred over from Medarot 1. He was replaced by the new SNA-type, Magdosnake. Maxsnake was not included in the Medarot 2 Core remake.

In Medarot Brave

Quote: Wait up, will you? You're infected by a virus. Don't move for a few seconds, okay?

In Medarot DS

His series number is now SNA00-M.

In the anime

Maxsnake appeared as a cameo in the episode 7 (episode 9 in Japan), where he is seen being defeated by Samantha's Peppercat. Samantha wins his "Virus" Part afterwards.

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