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A Medabot (known in Japanese as a Medarot (メダロット)) is a mechanical fictional robot from the Medabots series. These beings are medium-sized robots mainly used for robattling, where these robots battle between themselves as a sport. However they also have other uses other than battling.

A Medabot is composed of six parts total. A Tinpet, a Medal, and four other Medaparts: one head, two arms and one pair of legs. Each of these components affects the overall the behaviour of the Medabot.


Medaparts determines what the Medabot is capable of. In battle, it determines what kind of attacks it is capable of and what kinds of terrains it can better navigate. There are four parts a Medabot must wear in order for it to be completely operative.

The head part is where the Medal is stored. So, if the head of a Medabot ceases its functions, the Medal will eject and the Medabot won't be operable anymore. In a battle, the head is the only one that posseses limited attacks.

The arm parts, left arm and right arm, determines the other two attacks a Medabot can perform. These parts can perform attacks as long as they're active, or not blocked by another Medabot's attack, and as long as the Medabot itself is operative.

The leg parts will determine how fast a Medabot is (even when this speed can also be determined by the part in use, for example, when a Medabot using a laser attack is charging it). It will also determine in what terrain the Medabot moves better and worse.

For a Medachange to be performed, all of the parts must be operative or the Medachange won't work. Also, all of the parts must belong to the same Medabot.

In the Anime

Medabots' medals are replicas of rare medals that were created by an ancient civilisation called the medalorians.

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