Medabots AX is a 2D fighting game released only in North America in 2002. There were two versions released, Metabee and Rokusho. The game is based on Medarot G, but with most content modified to be similar to the anime.


In Medabots AX, the player is Ikki Tenryou and starts out with either Metabee or Rokusho, depending on their version, along with a Female/Male partner Medabot. The game mainly features characters from Medarot 2, specifically those that appeared in the anime.

Similar to the anime, the featured Medabots come from Medarot 1, 2, and R. There are 30 Medabots total, with 25 available in each version. The remaining 5 must be traded for. Interestingly the female Medarot that the player is given in the begining is not a complete Medabot. Despite appearing to be a SailorMaid/SailorMulti type Medabot, the head part doesn't match the rest of the pieces.

Select Corp.

Select Corp. is seemingly the host of the game, and they will appear every time Ikki does a practice or golden star match. However, they may also occasionally appear in silver star Robattles as well.


When doing a silver star match, or fighting in the arena's "tournament" Ikki will find people with names like, but not limited to: "Hiro", "Jordan", and "Meg".

Many characters from the anime appear as opponents, such as Henry (the store clerk), Koji, The Screws gang, Erika, Karin, and even the Rubberobo Gang (plain Rubberobo thugs or their four leaders).


In the begining, the player is set on a world map with several levels. The levels include a Factory, a Seashore, Ancient Ruins, a Glacier, a Forest, a Lake, and an indoor Arena. When selecting a level, the player will see a blue dot, and a star. The blue dot will take the player to a practice round, and the star will take to a consecutive 3 robattles. When winning all three battle in a row, the player will get one of the opponent's parts, and the star will turn silver. There are however no penalties for losing in the middle of the 3 robattles, just as there are no bonuses for winning a practice round, save for Medal experience. Once all 6 of the star areas are cleared, a gold star will appear next to the the arena, which selecting will incur a "tournament" where you may have the option to drop out whenever you win a robattle, but it is not entirely know if you will have to start over if selecting the drop out option (at least in the Rokusho/Kuwagata version of the game, the player can choose not to "Continue Robattling", without any penalty or having to start over).

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