Medabots Infinity is a 3D fighting video game. The game is based on the Medabots series.

In Japan, this game is known as Medarot Brave (メダロットBRAVE).


If you insert Medabots (GBA) into the Game Boy Advance through GameCube GBA Cable, you unlock two bonus Medabots.

  • Insert the Kabuto Version and you'll get KBT-4X Arcbeetle.
  • Insert the Kuwagata Version and you'll get WEA-1X Mega-Emperor.

Note: Doesn’t work with the EU version, as the GBA link option is inaccessible, though there’s still a screenshot of it in the game’s EU instruction manual.[1]


  1. Medabots Infinity Instruction Booklet, Page 8.

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