A Medal is a hexagonal, golden-colored piece that is used to store the mind and soul of a Medabot. They usually have a figure on their center, representing what kind of Medal they are. Also, they usually have a letter on their top.

Different kinds of medals will work with different kinds of Medaparts, thus making the Medafighter choose wisely what part will his or her Medabot wear. Using parts that a medal is not compatible with (i.e using shooting parts with a hand to hand type medal) with dramatically reduce the parts power.

In the anime

The medals that appear in the anime are the same ones that appear in the GBA video games. However, there is a special kind of medal called the Rare Medal. Rare medals are medals that weren't made in the modern era but were already part of ancient Medabots. These medals have an awesome power called the Medaforce. Actually only few Medabots are capable of controlling this skill because of its raw power. Thanks to this the Medaforce once made all Medabots in the world go berserk and attack humans for ten days thus causing the event called "The 10 Days of Darkness". Since the records of that event were erased, very few people know of it.

In Medabots Spirits, another type of medal, called the First Medal, was introduced. First medals are exact replicas of rare medals from which regular medals, which had unnecessary data and excess power removed, are derived from. First medals are also capable of tapping into the Medaforce.

To trigger the Medaforce, a Medabot must have a rare medal, and must also feel a great sense of compassion towards its own Medafighter or an ally, however two exceptions have been seen in the anime of Medabots using the Medaforce and not having a rare medal: Sumilidon and the Kilobot Blakbeetle. The Medabots seen to possess this skill in the anime are:

  • Ikki's Metabee (and new Metabee) - Shoots a powerful beam of light from his hands.
  • Rokusho - Sends a destructive energy wave by swinging his sword.
  • Koji's Sumilidon] - Sends a destructive energy wave by thrusting his right arm's tri-bladed sword.
  • Victor's Warbandit - Shoots a powerful energy blast from his cannons.
  • Space Medabotter X's Arcbeetle - Launches an electrical energy beam from the space between his two horns, similar to the beam attack Prominence.
  • Zuru's Roks - Shoots a powerful beam of light from his hands.
  • Ginkai's Arcbeetle-Dash - Launches an electrical energy beam from the space between his two horns.
  • Kam's Blakbeetle - Shoots a powerful beam of light from her cannons.

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