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Model No. Medabots Metabee2
Head: Missile[1]
Right Arm: Revolver[1]
Left Arm: Submachinegun[1][4]
Sub Machine-Gun[6]
Legs: Ochitsuka[3][4][5]

Metabee (メタビー), short for Metal Beetle (メタルビートル), is a KBT-type Medabot that first appeared in Medarot.


Metabee is the mascot of the Medabots series, a KBT-type Medabot shaped like a kabuto, a Japanese rhinoceros beetle. Metabee is naturally suited to the Kabuto Medal and specializes in shooting attacks. Metabee's head resembles that of a rhinoceros beetle with his single split-ended horn.

Metabee's attack style revolves around his many styles of shooting weapons. The head part contains a Missile with perfect accuracy and high power. The right arm part, Revolver uses a semi-automatic Rifle for quick and accurate strikes. The left arm part, Submachinegun features a rapid-fire Gatling for heavy assault. As a bipedal Medabot, Metabee is perfect for dominating grassland and forest battlefields.

Of note, Metabee is also the name of Hikaru's and Ikki's first Medabot, both being a Kabuto Medal with Metabee parts. Ikki's Metabee kept his name after upgrading to Saikachi parts.

In the games[]

In most (but not all) games Metabee appears, he is the first Medabot obtained in the Kabuto Version, while Rokusho replaces him in the Kuwagata Version.

Metabee's model number had some changes, being inconsistent early on, and his design also had some small changes, but there are basically two major version:

Metabee (KBT00) The first Metabee version, KBT00-M (KBT-0 before Medarot DS), was introduced in Medarot. This Metabee had different graphics from his artwork in the first two games, but later was changed to match his artwork. He can be told apart from the new version by his darker color, which matches his color in the package from the first game, but sometimes also appeared with the brighter colors from his new version, like the Medarot Perfect Edition package. In some appearances his name is written in hiragana (めたびー / めたるびーとる) instead of katakana.
Metabee (KBT01) The second Metabee version, KBT01-M (KBT-1 before Medarot DS), was introduced in Medarot 2. This version matches the original artwork and features a much brighter color scheme than the original version.

Details about their Medaparts are listed in their specific versions.



Metabee is Hikaru Agata's first Medarot in the Kabuto Version.

Medarot 2[]

First Metabee
Second Metabee

During the events of Kabuto Version, Metabee is Ikki Tenryou's first Medabot, given to him by Hikaru, who sells Ikki a Tinpet and parts instead of a retort curry after his mother sends him to the store with a sum of money. However, despite his best efforts, Ikki can't make Metabee work, as he was given no accompanying medal. After his subsequent scolding by his mother, his father brings him back a Kabuto Medal, who unbeknownst to Ikki, had been given to his father by the elusive Phantom Renegade.

Besides Ikki's Metabee, the original Metabee can be transfered from the first game, which will have a different appearance. In this game both have the same model number: KBT-0. Hoketa uses both versions in his Robattles, but their parts cannot be obtained from him.

Medabots (GBA)[]

Since the game is a remake of Medarot 2, the context where Metabee is a character is the same as in Medarot 2: sold to Ikki while appropriating his dinner money in the Metabee Version. The only major difference is that Metabee's serial number changed to KBT-1 in the Japanese version. The original Metabee (KBT-0) is not available in the remake.

Medarot R[]

Metabee is the first Medabot obtained.

Medarot 3[]

Metabee appears as a default character in the Kabuto Version of the game, already in the ownership of Ikki. Later, Nae upgrades his parts, replacing them by the new KBT-type Saikachi parts.

Medarot 4[]

Medarot 4-metabee

Metabee parts are not available from the beginning as Ikki had upgraded Metabee to Saikachi. However, Metabee does appear as an opponent whose parts can be obtained. One example of this is a scientist in the Medabots Corporation that uses a Metabee with a King Medal.

Medarot Navi[]

Hikaru's Metabee appears in the game.

Medabots AX[]

Metabee is Ikki's default leader Medabot in the Metabee Version.

Medabots G[]

Metabee can be obtained after completing the game in the Kabuto Version.

Medabots Infinity[]

Although Metabee appears in the back of the American package, Metabee parts are not available in the game, only the upgraded Saikachi parts.

Medarot DS[]

Metabee is the first Medarot obtained in the Kabuto Version. From this game onward the name of his head and arm parts were changed to Metamissile, Metarevolver and Metamachinegun.

Medarot 7[]

Metabee is the first Medarot obtained in the Kabuto Version.

Medarot 8[]

Metabee is the first Medarot obtained in the Kabuto Version.

Medarot S: Unlimited Nova[]

Metabee (KBT01) is a rank 3 Medarot available in almost every gacha from the game, but his older version (KBT00) is not available, only appearing occasionally as an opponent. Both Ikki and Hikaru have a Metabee in the retelling of Medarot 2.

In the manga[]

Metabee appeared in the manga adaptation from the first three games. Besides the Metabee from Hikaru and Ikki, the Roborobo Gang created a Metabee army in the adaptation from the first game.

In the anime[]

Anime Metabee 01

Metabee parts in the anime

Main article: Metabee (character)

In the television series, Metabee is a KBT-series Medabot partnered with Ikki Tenryou, specializing in projectile weaponry and revolver tactics. Although outdated, he also possesses a rare Kabuto Medal which grants him access to the powerful and devastating Medaforce. He is known to be quite aggressive and stubborn, and often causes problems due to his headstrong personality. He is often disobedient to his master Ikki, but shares a close bond with him, and so, Ikki trusts him deeply.

The "Metabee" model is known to have had at least one previous owner, Henry, who had commanded one during at least one World Robattle Cup event during which the infamous "Ten Days of Darkness" occured.

In the English dub, his model type is KBT-11220 and he is said to be a Hercules beetle. He is also more cocky in the dub, with "kiss your bot goodbye!" and "dude, I rock." being his catchphrases.


Metabee appeared as a card in all card games from the franchise.

Metabee first appeared in the Medarot Card Game.

Metabee has a rare holofoil card in the starter set of the Medabots Trading Card Game. He uses a "Piercing Shooting Attack" which allows him to damage Medabots to the side of the target if the target is destroyed.

Metabee also appeared in the Medarot crossover set from Future Card Buddyfight.

Other appearances[]


Related Medabots[]

  • Rokusho, Metabee's KWG-series counterpart.
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