Moon Dragon
Model No. M2-DRA-0
Head: Dragon Crystal
Right Arm: Healing Water
Left Arm: Revival Spring
Legs: Dragon's Bed
Medarot 1, Medarot 2, Medarot R, Medarot DS, Medarot 7, Medarot Dual, Medarot 8, Medarot 9
Medarot Card Game, Medarot DS promo cards

Moon Dragon (ムーンドラゴン) is a DRA-type Medabot that first appeared in the original Medarot game.


Moon Dragon's appearance resembles a Chinese dragon. On each hand, he has an orb floating over him, and in an apron-like piece he has a yin-yang symbol.

In the games

Moon Dragon is a hover-type Medabot with a "Scan" action on his head and "Repair" and "Revive" actions on his arms.

In Medarot 1

Moon Dragon becomes available for purchase once the import shop opens in Henry's hometown. He can be fought once while acting as Henry's grandfather's Medabot.

In Medarot 2

Moon Dragon is not normally obtained in Medarot 2 and must be transferred from Medarot 1. He was replaced by the SPT-type, Spitfire.

In Medarot R

Moondragon is obtainable from the Part Collection by fighting Medafighter 10, who is ranked opponent number 15.

In Medarot DS

In the new format, Moondragon's model number has been changed to DRA00-M.

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