Model No. M2-LHB-0
Longhorn Beetle
Head: Antanner
Right Arm: Mettakiller
Left Arm: Dokkanboh
Legs: Tatakkiri
Medarot 2, Medarot R, Medarot 2 Core
Medabots (anime)

Atheist (エイシイスト), known in English as Papyrak, is an LHB-type Medabot that appears in Medarot 2.



Atheist artwork

In terms of abilities and design, Papyrak is very similar to Rokusho. He has a sword on his right arm and a hammer on his left, is bipedal, and focuses on close-range combat. However unlike Rokusho, Papyrak is pale greenish-brown in color, and has two tall backwards-curving antennae on his head. There are also two mandible-like pieces hanging from his cheeks, similar to Sumilidon.

In the games

Papyrak's parts have high attack power and accuracy, but very low armor. In Medarot 2 and R, his Head Part has the "Scan" action like Rokusho, but this was changed to "Reinforce" in Medarot 2 Core.

In Medarot 2

Like his partner Ambiguous, Papyrak's parts are normally unobtainable. The player must use passwords for the parts or trade them over from the Parts Collection game.

In Medarot R

Koji Karakuchi has Papyrak as his partner Medabot when you robattle him in a tournament.

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