Model No. MR-KZA-0-M-Front-Right
Pirate Captain
Head: Skull Cap
Right Arm: Shamshir
Left Arm: Hook Tip
Legs: Shark Peg
Medarot R
Medabots (anime)

Kaizokuro (カイゾクロ), known in English as Piraskull, is a KZA-type Medabot that first appeared in Medarot R.


Piraskull's model greatly resembles that of a stereotypical pirate captain. His right foot is a peg leg and his left eye is covered with an eyepatch.

In the games

In battle, Piraskull serves more of a dominant melee role, but can also serve as minor shooting support. His head part is a "Gatling" attack that is relatively weak and very easy to evade. In compensation however, he has 30 head uses. His right arm, and strongest weapon, Shamshir, is a "Sword" attack with chain damage, allowing him to severely damage if not, cripple an opponent. Piraskull's left arm, Hook Tip, is a balanced "Hammer" attack that is not as powerful as his sword, but is still strong nonetheless. Overall, Piraskull has very good armor ratings, making him a good Medabot to have on any team seeking a nice balance of attack and defense.

In Medarot R

Piraskull is the first boss the player will face in Medarot R.

In the anime

Piraskull is owned by Captain Gene of Team Carribean during the World Robattle Championship.

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