Press (プレス) is an attack present in every Medarot game.

Press is a gravity-based attack that uses strong forces to compress the enemy's parts and cause damage. In terms of mechanics, it works similarly to the other gravity-based attacks, Break and Break Hammer.

General effects 

Press attacks are usually ranged (using the Shoot and Snipe skills) and have the special effect of using twice the part's reported success rate. This can make the attacks more accurate, damaging, or likely to be critical, although the exact mechanics vary between each game.

Similar to optical or gunpowder-based attacks, gravity attacks can be countered by using parts with Negate Gravity or Gravity Guard. It has no relation to the Gravity Control equip effect.

In Medarot 1, 2, R, and 2 Core, Press parts have the Gravity attribute and are compatible with the Bear Medal.

In Medarot 1 

Here, the bonus to success only affects the damage caused, and not the accuracy of the attack. When countered using Negate Gravity, the damage from Press attacks can only be reduced by 3/4, unlike Break attacks which are completely negated.