Robattle 3D was a 3D fighting game based on Medabots developed by Faustlogic, and used the WildTangent Web Driver to deliver the content and game platform.


This game was created after Medabots was a successful hit in occident. In it the player could create customized Medabots, each part having a different effect during robattles. Through the main Medabots website, one could earn money in different ways, such as playing games, videos and a daily bonus. One of the sections consisted of a shop where the player could spend money to buy new parts for their Medabot, with the stock changing almost twice a week. Once equipped, the items would be used in the Robattle.

Every time a new battle started, an enemy was chosen at random, with possibility (after defeating it) to earn money and one of the defeated Medabot pieces (such as arms, legs or head).The game is no longer available, but the official website official website can still be found, and a restoration project is still going on by one of the developers.