Rubberobo Gang

The Rubberobo Gang

The Rubberobo Gang (known as the Roborobo Gang in the Japanese version) is a gang of thieves who wear rubber suits.


The Rubberobo Gang are known for targeting rare Medals. They are always being thwarted by Ikki Tenryou.

They are sworn enemies of the Select Corp. Although in the past, there was a scandal where the Select Corp were involved with the Rubberobos behind the scenes. This has led to the Select Corp trying to save face by chasing after the Rubberobo Gang more vigorously than before.

While the Rubberobo Gang uses an assortment of Medabots, they are shown to use the Noctobats as their foot soldiers.

After Dr. Armond disappeared into a flying saucer with Dr. Hushi, the Rubberobo Gang aren't seen again when the Kilobots come into view.

Known members

  • Dr. Armond (a.k.a. Dr. Meta-Evil) - The official leader of the Rubberrobo Gang.
  • Seaslug - The dimwitted and immature leader of the Rubberobo Gang. His real name is Seymore Slugbottom.
  • Gillgirl - The female leader of the Rubberobo Gang. Her real name is Gilda Girlnikova.
  • Shrimplips - The young leader of the Rubberobo Gang. His real name is Shrimpy Lipowitz.
  • Squidguts - The tough leader of the Rubberobo Gang and the largest of the bunch. His real name is Guido Gudalucci.
  • Ms. Starfish - Seaslug/Seymore's girlfriend, who joined the group after failing to convince him to leave it. She is also known as Ms. Caviare, but her given name is unknown.

There is also an assortment of generic Rubberobo Gang members that assist the known members in various plots.

Known enemies