Seaslug, named Sakekasu in the Japanese verion, is a character from Medabots.


Seaslug is the dimwitted and immature leader of the Rubberobo Gang, the "commander" and the one with the most authority of the 4 main leaders. Though his intelligence is lacking when compared with Shrimplips and Dr. Meta-Evil, he is a man of action, and is usually the one most capable of carrying out the scemes of his genius comrades. Though far from an evil mastermind, he has proven himself to have some genuinely evil qualities, such as a maniac laugh and a sadistic streak.

In the anime, his real name is "Seamore Slugbottoms", and he frequently uses the Medabot Whitesword. Masquerading in one episode as the shy "Mr. Tunahead", he also found love in the form of Medabots Corporation employee Ms. Caviare, whom he later abandoned due to a misunderstanding. The only Rubberobo left after they disbanded at the end of the anime, Ms. Caviare later came back to him, joining his side as the evil Miss Starfish, and the two newlyweds were last seen setting out to open their own supervillan consulting agency.
Seaslug Ms Caviare

In Medabots (GBA)

In the metabee version, he uses Shamen, a mage-type Medabot. In the Rokusho version, he uses Chimerator, a Chimera type.

In Medabots Infinity

In this game, he owns Boarbooster, a Wild boar type Medabot.

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