The Select Corp are a paramilitary organisation established primarily to deal with threats and offences pertaining to Medabots and the use of Medabots internationally. They are described by Eugene Aki as "a special peacekeeping unit created to protect the world from criminal attacks perpetrated by Medabots". On-duty officers of the Select Corp can be recognised by their metallic shoulder/armguards and distinguishing blue jumpsuit. The majority of on-duty Select Corp officers can also be seen wearing highly distinctive visored helmets which notably conceal the entire upper section of the head.

As of the present, there have been two majorly differing portrayals of the Select Corp in Medabots related media. The anime series portrays the Select Corp as an efficient, well-organised agency which is tactically sufficient, and technologically advanced, but lacking in the firepower needed to deal with major threats such as Giganko. The anime also portrays the Select Corp as a more secretive, undercover organisation than the video games, as the identities of officers working for the Select Corp are seemingly not made public except to close relatives of the individual, as evidenced by the confidentialilty surrounding the profession of Select Corp Captain Joso Tenryo.

In contrast, the video game series from which the Medabots franchise originated produces a far less opulant picture of the Select Corp. In the video games, the Select Corp, under the leadership of Captain Awamori and his Lieutenant are a far more inept group of officials who are paraded as famed heroes and celebrities, but in actuality do little more than seize the credit for the work of others. The Select Corp in the video games also use the traditional three types of Medarots associated with the Select Corp, only in this instance the morality of the three Medarots are debatable, as the self-proclaimed "Select Trio" display questionable ethics and substancial egotism.