Stung by a Metabee is the first episode of Medabots. It first aired in the United States on September 01, 2001 on Fox Kids.



Ikki Tenryou has his own Medabot for the first time.


In the beginning, we see an injured scientist staggering away from his flaming car clinging to his silver briefcase. When he collapses, his briefcase is grabbed by the Rubberobo gang. They open it to find a very rare beetle medal. Before they have time to examine it more, the Phantom Renegade appears and takes it away. He then disappears into a cloud of smoke. Before the Phantom has a chance to celebrate, the medal slips out of his hands and falls into the river...then so does he. (Tee hee, butter fingers!)

At Riverview Junior High it's a submission Robattle (meaning the loser must give up a Medapart)! The Screws versus the Student Council. Ikki is right up front watching and dreaming of getting a Medabot of his very own. Erika is there filming the event. Samantha, boss of the Screws, with her Medabot Peppercat is battling the Student Council President and his Medabot, Dr. Bokchoy. Dr. Bokchoy is fast, but no match for Peppercat. Samantha wins.

As they are walking home from school, Erika asks Ikki why he doesn't just ask his parents to buy him a Medabot. He explains that they told him he must save his money. Erika continues homeward while Ikki daydreams on a bridge overlooking the river. Suddenly, something shiny catches his eye. He races to the river and fishes out the rare Beetle Medal.

That evening the news is telling kids to be on the lookout for a group of rockers tricking people into Robattles, and then taking their Medaparts. Spyke, part of Samantha's gang, ends up one of their victims. When the Screws come face to face with the Rockers, Erika is caught in the middle after being discovered watching. They take her camera, and try to initiate a Robattle with her Medabot, Brass. Ikki knows he must do something! He runs off, grabs whatever allowance he has, and purchases Metabee. Metabee is an older model, but when Ikki puts that rare medal in him, he is unstopable. With much coaxing from Ikki, Metabee defeats the Rockers Medabots, Phoenix and Blackram. After that battle, Ikki learns the hard way that Metabee has a mind of his own!


In the episode


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Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the English dub.

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Today's Robattle

  • Blackram loses Bombarder to Metabee.
  • Dr. Bokchoy loses right arm to Peppercat.


Ikki: "As if. I controlled him perfectly, I did nothing wrong."
Metabee: "Correction; you called me a piece of junk."
Ikki: "Huh?! (Turns to look at Metabee)"
Metabee: "Who's the piece of junk now, mister?!"
Ikki: "But I'm your medafighter!"
Metabee: "I don't take commands from you! (Starts to shoot)"
Ikki: "Ow! Aah!"
Henry: "(In the distance Ikki shouts "Metabee, I command you to stop!") "Then again, maybe it's just defective."
Metabee: "Hey, come back here! I'm gonna show you a little somthin'! Name's Metabee, baby! Metabee!!"

—First rule about Medabots; Never call them anything insulting.


As the first episode, this reveals a short explanation via visualization. For example, Samantha shows her defective side when she keeps switching from one side to the other in the fight. Naughty Naughty.













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