The Rockers were a group of Medafighters who appeared in the anime.



The Rockers appear to fight Spyke.

A trio of Medafighters, The Rockers were remarkable for being the first opponent Ikki ever fought. They fought against weaker Medafighters, taking them on with three powerful Medabots: one Phoenix who could burn its opponent's Medaparts, and two Blackrams who were strong enough to take down easily a single opponent.

They pressured children to take them into submission Robattles in 3 vs 1 fights, taking their Medaparts afterwards. The Screws bought a Death Bomb Medapart, which was shortly after claimed by The Rockers (after they won a Robattle against Spyke) and equipped it to one of their Blackrams, to Samantha's annoyance. Seeking to avenge her underling's defeat, she ultimately defected to The Rockers, in an attempt to join the "winning team".

Though they tried unsuccessfuly to force Erika to Robattle, Ikki arrived in the nick of time, challenging them to a Robattle using his newly purchased KBT type Metabee. Taking on their Phoenix and twin Blackram Medabots, Ikki nevertheless defeated them in his first Robattle ever.


The Rockers prepare to face Ikki.

After their crushing defeat, The Rockers dissapeared for a while. And were not seen again until they attempted to make a comeback after re-naming themselves The Metalheads. Spyke's Cyandog, who at that point had run away from home, joined the band. He was nicknamed C-Dawg, taking over the role as leader for a little while, until Spyke came back and made amends. The Rockers, reluctant to let their newfound member leave quietly, were silenced with a blast from Metabee's Medaforce.

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