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The Screws

The Screws are a school gang of three kids who like to Robattle.

The Screws are infamous as powerful Medafighters who aren't afraid to play dirty. They once teased Ikki Tenryou for not having a Medabot. The Screws are shown to be associated with Baron von Banish. Though they often antagonize Ikki, they often help him out against a common enemy like the Rubberobo Gang.

In the World Medabots Federation championships, all three of The Screws were picked at one time or another to replace Space Medafighter X on team Japan.

During the rise of the Kilobots, the Screws often work with Kam Kamazaki and his followers if they have a common goal and would sometimes fight against him if a deal can't be made for Kilobot parts.


  • Samantha - Leader. Samantha is the only girl in the group, and ranked 87 in the whole of japan. She owns a Peppercat, and she is the strongest of the group.
  • Spyke - Spyke is the weakest Medafighter and his Cyandog, he isn't not a good fighter in the anime. He later upgrades Cyandog to Krosserdog, but he doesn't improve. Iwanoi is the lowest on the national Medabots Ranking.